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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  July 4, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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to ktvu morning news i'm tori campbell in for pam cook. >> good morning i'm brian flores in for dave clark. rose mare is in -- rosemary is in for steve. >> giving you a look at the satellite view. the system sweeping across the area. going to continue our southwest breeze. and so temperatures will be very comfortable for most. wide spread 70s around the bay. 80s to near 90 degrees inland. it will be warm for our inland communities but not too hot. it will be slightly warmer than we had yesterday. along the coastline i think the clouds will be hugging quite well. and they want to bring low clouds back into the bay. i will track that for you coming up in my next weather hit. 53 degrees in napa. upper 40s in novato. these temperatures similar than yesterday. antioch you are checking in at 61 degrees.
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as you get into your afternoon today, temperatures will be quite nice. mostly sunny. 70s around the bay. for our inland communities. temperatures just touching 90 degrees. i'm talking antioch and brent wood. i will put a few more numbers on your screen. 88 expected for concord. 74 in oakland. 81 redwood city. mid 80s in santa rosa with mostly sunny skies. partly cloudy in san francisco. again i think i may see the low clouds jumping in. sal is not here today. lucky guy. but we are still monitoring the traffic. traffic really not going to be a major problem today. looking good on highway 4 this morning. as we go to the south bay,
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interstate 280 also looking good this morning. could be more traffic later on as people head to the fire works show and parades. we will keep an eye on things this morning. >> we certainly will. happening today the fire works shows obviously happened this evening and dark but many bay area towns and cities will kick off the fourth of july with parades this morning. ktvu alex savidge is live in danville with more on the big crowds expected there. people are very territorial about where they want to watch. >> absolutely. that is what i have seen this morning. this is the main drag through downtown danville. it will be packed with quite a few people. and you can tell that. check it out here. just along the sidewalks. you can see there are thousands of chairs that people have set up here in this area. spectators turned out early. they came here at 6:00 last night. that is when they are allowed to set up the chairs.
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a lot of people set up their chairs along the parade rout. more than 40,000 people are expected to return today. the parade goes down hearts avenue. and keep in mind if you are going to be in this area, there are quite a few streets that will be closed as we move throughout the morning. there will also be a lot of other fourth of july fun happening around the bay area this morning. in clayton kids are invited to lead the downtown parade that gets under way at 10:00. redwood city also doing a parade. that starts at 10:00 as well. and hercules there is an independence day parade that kicks off at 10:45. if you want to head up to napa, a fourth of july parade gets
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going at 11:00 this morning. as we bring you back out to a live picture in downtown danville, you can see thousands of chairs linings the main drag here through the downtown area. all of these people put their chairs down, they staked their claim last night. and they will be back just a few hours from now to enjoy the fourth of july parade. live in danville i'm astasias. illegal fire works are a threat for all bay area cities during the fourth of july. the danger is even greater this year due to our record drought. tara moriarty is live in oakland where crews are already dealing with fire works related fires. tara, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are here in the oakland hills. the view is amazing. tonight the sky will be it will up with fire works. but the legal kind. the professional kind. if you are thinking about setting off illegal fire works, just know police and fire will be out in full force.
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they have definitely beefed up their patrols in an effort to crack down. oakland firefighters released a picture on twitter just recently. this is a fire on havens court. the fire spurred by illegal fire works started at 10:15 last night. in a matter of minutes crews extinguished the flames on top of a palm tree before the flames spread. >> let the community know we are out there and we are taking a serious approach to the fire works. >> reporter: people in the neighborhood say they will be on high alert. that is because an arsonist has been on the loose there. half a dozen fires were set over a four-day stretch in mid june. they have made this a tough year for fire fights. chief teresa reid says the department's extra presence will serve as a deterrent.
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live from the oakland hills i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. it is 5:05. the san jose fire department will have 12 additional firefighters on duty this fourth of july weekend with increasing concern over the fire danger presented by extremely dry conditions. yesterday fire crews rubbed to put out a fire along coyote creek next to the lost la goes -- lost la goes golf course.
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for the first time in six year there is will be fire works in san jose. the rotary club is organizing the fire works show. san jose and santa clara county donated $120,000 to help provide the show. most of the money was raised through private donations. rotary club hopes it will prevent others from firing off their own fire works. the entire display will be launched from four barges this year. two barges will be near the municipal pier and two others close to pier 39. the show will include 30,000 pounds of explosives. including one that looks like an octopus. >> these are all going to be connected together in what we call a network an electronic network. there will be a computer based firing controller that will send a signal out throughout
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the network and at specific times ask for certain things to be fired into the air. >> the lights and sounds of independence start at 9:30 tonight. we have put together a list of all of the fourth of july celebrations in the bay area. bay area law enforcement agencies are enjoying others about the annual holiday crack down on drunk driver. several government studies show the fourth of july is the deadliest day of the year for american drivers. many of those deaths are caused by drunk drivers and police and chp officers will be out in force watching out for drivers who have had too much to drink. there will also be a number of dui check points in the bay area tonight. if you are celebrating the holiday and decide you've had too much to drink to be a safe driver, aaa has a solution. it's offering a free ride home
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for you and free towing for your car as long as you are not more than ten miles from home. the aaa tipsy toe program is open to everyone. not just auto club members. the service starts at 6:00 tonight and runs through 6:00 tomorrow morning. you just need to call (180)022- 2345. easy way to call is call aaa- help. cal trans is alerting holiday drivers to expect backups in the area of interstate 280. the northbound lanes from the 101 interchange to king street near at & t park are still closed for retro fit repairs. a similar problem shut down the southbound lanes during the memorial day holiday. >> the traffic is probably going to be a lot greater because it is a longer holiday. the holiday falls on a friday. >> cal trans is urging people heading into san francisco this
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weekend to use mass transit. the northbound lanes of 280 are scheduled to reopen at 5:00 on monday morning. at this hour, hurricane arthur and its 100 miles an hour winds are off the coast of north carolina and virginia. they came ashore pounding the banks. at one time power was out to 2200 homes and businesses. some areas are experiencing flooding. water rose six feet in 20 minutes. now at 5:45 this morning, we'll have a live report on hurricane arthur and the damage it is now causing. new developments this morning as corinthian colleges have reached an agreement that calls for the company to sell 85 of its campuses and close 12 others. they own everest college, hold college, and wilo tech schools.
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the company has not disclosed which campuses it plans to close. we have new details on an airline security threat we told you about earlier this week. foreign airlines with direct flights to the u.s. have been told to tighten screening of cell phones and shoes because of new intelligence showing an increased threat from al qaeda militant groups. the concern is that bomb makers have figured out how to turn cell phones into explosive devices that can avoid detection. there are also reports of new hard to detect bombs being built into shoes. u.s. officials say foreign airlines or airports that fail to strengthen security could face bans on flights entering the u.s.. time is 5:11. and if you plan to barbecue on this fourth of july holiday, you might want to check your freezer. coming up at 6:00 the big chicken recall this morning linked to a string of
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salmonella. >> many people love celebrating the fourth of july by enjoying a beautiful fire works show. but find out for some why these shows could be a terrifying experience. >> great weather in store for your fourth of july holiday and the weekend. i'm tracking a minor warmup for today. a bigger one to come by the second half of that weekend. i will have a look at the extended forecast coming up. ♪ ♪ get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill.
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san francisco police are investigating another violent incident near last sunday's gay pride celebration. this is video from someone was lying on top of the hood of a truck. the driver gets out with something in his hand and starts chasing another person. the driver is kicked and hit several times. police say the incident was nevertheless reported to them and someone should have called 911. >> it's one thing to protect yourself and chase after somebody with a weapon as we saw in this video. both parties were certainly in the wrong. >> the video does not show what led up to the confrontation. police say at the very least assault was committed. it is 5:15. in a few hours president obama will provide over an independence day citizenship ceremony for members of the military. 25 members of the armed forces who signed up to defend the u.s. even though they were not american citizens will take the oath of allegiance at the white
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house today. during a ceremony the president is expected to pitch his immigration plan. and it comes as the southern california city of marinette that is bracing for the possibility of more protests. more immigrants are expected to arrive today. marietta has become a flash point in a flood of children crosses the mexico border illegally. they forced buses filled with immigrants to leave their town. but buses are scheduled to arrive at a facility there every three caydays including today. the government is trying to figure out what to do with more than 52,000 children who have come alone into the u.s. this year. about 75% are coming from el salvador, guatemala, and honduras. and facilities in texas are
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overwhelmed. a congressional committee held an emergency hearing in texas yesterday. eric swalwell and rick perry raised questions over whether the children should be deported. >> it's a horrible situation. and it's one that breaks your heart when you see the children. >> allowing them to remain here will only encourage the next group of individuals to under take this very, very dangerous and life threatening journey. >> right now immediate deportation is not an option. that is because a 2008 law summoned by president bush states that any child from a country that does not border the u.s. must be handed over to the department of health and human services. the fourth of july is a difficult holiday for military street rans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. the sound of fire works could be frightening. a las vegas come says her
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husband served two tours of duty in iraq. his platoon was hit by suicide bombers and he was one of two survey ors. >> we never have balloons in the house. even if it accidentally pops, he goes automatic -- he zones out. and he believes he's back in the war zone. >> her husband is getting therapy. she also says people should remember to light fire works only on the fourth of july when they are expected. it is 5:18. sal has the day off. lucky guy. but we are still monitoring traffic. here's a live look at 880 in oakland. yo can see just a few headlights out there heading both directions. and a check on the san mateo bridge and it looks a little foggy there maybe. >> yeah a little bit. >> unless they need to clean the camera lens. again traffic moving just fine. speaking of the weather, let's
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check in with rosemary in for steve and giving us an update on the hurricane. >> no complaints going on here for our fourth of july. the winds 100 miles an hour moving northeast at 23 miles an hour. rain bands hitting areas from virginia all the way into new jersey as it continues to move up the shore here. good news is the eye the center of the storm has moved off sheer and we will continue to make its way out toward see. in any event the eastern sea board is being hit this afternoon and into the evening hours. and so they have a lot to deal with. here at home we are dealing with a little bit of patchy fog. tori mentioned it awhile ago. a few patches over parts of the north bay. as we get moving, it's out of here. at least away from the coast. and we still have those cloudy conditions in areas right along
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ocean beach. maybe specific coo. this is actually what i want to focus on. it's 8:00 this evening and watch what is happening here. bringing the low clouds back into the bay a little bit earlier for tonight. we will be tracking this over the course of the day. fire work viewing looked good for san francisco. we are looking at partly cloudy skies. but for most of us along the coast we are looking at 50s for this evening. and low 70s inland. right about 9:00 it will be beautiful. especially for our inland areas that have a nice enjoyable summer evening ahead. it will be cool. about 59 degrees. and again we will be tracking that possibility of maybe a it will bit of fog. if you are thinking about heading out there, maybe tune in. mark tamayo will be here later with the updated information. 50-degrees in santa rosa. 56 in san francisco. wide spread 50s. if you are stepping out early.
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not sure where you are headed but if you are, a lot like yesterday morning. 74 in oakland. upper 60s for san francisco. we have upper 80s to low 90s expected for our inland communities. 82 for san jose. 86 los gatos. just a beautiful day out there for most of us. our extended forecast with our bay area weekend always in view, temperatures will be on the rise as we get into saturday. notice a few degrees warmer than today. sunday will be the hottest day of the weekend. we will hold on to that heat for monday and then temperatures begin to trend downward. over night the chinese government approved a big deal between ibm and lanavo. they plan to sell their low end business for $2.3 billion. it would effect thousands of ibm workers that have been offered jobs by lenovo.
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some say it could let chinese spies access servers at pentagon. a new warning for beach goers in santa cruz county. in 20 minutes how a day at the beach ends with a disturbing discovery. >> we reached that dream today. thanks to the oakland police department. >> from fighting an illness at home. the reason why a boy is receiving an oakland police badge when he is only eight years old. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
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what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you.
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welcome back. time is is 5:24. there is surprising claims about the man's son who died while leaving him in a hot car. justin harris was reportedly sexting with six women while his 22-month-old son was dying in the hot car. police also say one of them was only 17 years old. harris left the toddler strapped into a car seat for seven hours. however he forgot the boy was in the vehicle until after he left work. >> he was saying oh my god oh my god my son is dead. >> police also say they also researched how long it would take a animal to die in a hot
5:26 am
car. they made odd statements about the boys death after being charged with a felony and losing his job. every graduation is special but for one member of the latest oakland police academy graduating class, it was a dream come true. eight-year-old emilio penn has always wanted to be an oakland police officer. his parents say he's always dreamed of chasing down the bad guys and keeping the city safe. emilio is seriously ill but yesterday he was made an honorary police officer complete with baton and badge. >> for him to be part of oakland and part of the police force is tremendous. >> because i love oakland. >> he has already spent time at the police gun range and ridden in a police cruiser but his parents say the most special part was getting his own badge with his birthday as his
5:27 am
officer number. time is 5:26. a texas artist is spending two days in san francisco to collect material for a long- term art project on the homeless. willie is traveling to 24 cities across the country and buying signs from the homeless. he says he bought four signs yesterday from people in san francisco who were happy to share their stories and their signs. >> they seem to be excited about contributing to this project. and they are of course happy to make some money. >> he says he uses the signs to create larger art exhibits and displays. it's a project called we are all homeless that he started more than 20 years ago. he is also producing a documentary and book to help raise awareness about homelessness. coming up a powerful explosion and fire at an oakland apartment building. >> the whole house shook on the foundation. it was one hell of a blast. >> the piece of equipment that fire investigators now say caused that explosion. >> foster farms announces a
5:28 am
major chicken recall. it's linked to a salmonella outbreak dating back nearly a year and a half yes e.g.. >> great weather in store for your fourth of july. we are starting off with partly cloudy skies. we will be slightly warmer for the afternoon. i'll have a look at your numbers coming up. female announcer: sleep train's 4th of july sale doesn't just end sunday...
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good morning everybody. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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5:30 on the to the. we are live in danville and hours away from the town's annual fourth of july parade. as you can see people have already claimed their spots as early as last night. ktvu alex savidge he's got a spot too. he will join us in 90 seconds with more on the big excitement surrounding the parade this morning. it is friday, july 4th i'm brian flores. >> and good morning i'm tori campbell. i was just thinking about all of those chairs out there. not much room for anybody else to watch. dave and steve are all off. rosemary is here. we have a nice day in store for the fourth. >> we sure do. we are waking up with low clouds along the coastline. inside the bay. we are dealing with mostly cloudy skies in and around oakland and hayward. this is going to go away. we will have mostly sunny skies away from the coast today. parts of the coast will be socked in the entire day. so a cool one for you there. the rest of us mild to warm. the on shore breeze has cranked
5:32 am
back up. 23 miles an hour. the gusts through areas like travis this morning. that south westerly flow keeping us warm but not too hot for our inland cities today. 60-degrees in antioch. 57 in oakland. 53 in napa. santa rosa you are checking in at 50 degrees. we have mostly cloudy skies. afternoon highs for today will remain 60s along the coast. at least pacifica and ocean beach. around the bay a very comfortable one. 79 in fremont. 74 in hayward. 68 for san francisco. go inland and temperatures do warm up 3:it feels quite nice -- but it feels quite nice for most of us. a little toasty for the far inland areas. 9:for you today. slightly warmer than yesterday. but still not too bad. temperatures will continue to climb as we get into the holiday weekend. ly have a look at those numbers and i'm tracking a little bit of fog. more on that coming up. >> thank you. sal is not here today, but we are still monitoring traffic
5:33 am
on the holiday morning. and still a little dark outside. this is a live look at the sunol grade in fremont where just a few cars driving through there. very different on a regular workday. and this is highway 24 in lafayette. again very light traffic. i have noticed some signs down by orinda. this looks closer to lafayette and walnut creek. down in orinda there is street closures just because of the fourth of july parades. just keep that in mind. >> thank you. check your freezers if you plan on grilling chicken this fourth of july. foster farms has issued a massive recall linked to a salmonella outbreak that started more than 16 months ago. mike mibach is in the newsroom. >> foster farms said in a statement the recall was prompted by a single illness associated with specific fresh chicken product. but in the interest of safety the company says it brought in the recall. it found evidence directly linking foster farms chicken to
5:34 am
a drug resistant strain of salmonella. it effects chicken that was sold in the month of march. but that chicken could still be in your freezer which is a concern this fourth of july holiday. >> there is a lot in my family so we keep a lot in our freezer. and take out what we need when we need it. >> since it started 16 months ago, almost 600 people have gotten sick. up until now there was no conclusive evidence from the government that the illnesses came from eating tainted chicken. foster farms the largest poultry producer did not say how many pounds of poultry were involved in this recall. the recall does impact 170 different chicken products. they have use or freeze by dates from march 21st to march 29th. they were sold in many west coast dates. we have more details on the recall including the plant codes you need to look for right there on our home page at mike mibach ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you.
5:35 am
5:34. happening today millions of americans will enjoy picnics, parades, and fire works. and one of the bay area's biggest parades begins in just a few hours. alex savidge is live in the town of danville with more on the big crowds expected there. it has a small town feel. >> yeah that is what a lot of people are telling me. they say it's that small town atmosphere that a lot of people appreciate. you can tell it's a popular fourth of july parade by all the chairs that line the sidewalks here through the main drag. this is the parade route through downtown danville. and there are thousands of chairs as we drove up and down the streets early this morning. thousands of people came down to stake their claim and put the chairs down. they came at 6:00 last night and here's one woman. maybe that is her chair. oh no i'm sorry. she is going to move somebody's
5:36 am
chair so she can get into that driveway. even wants to make sure they have a good view of all the festivities later on this morning. and the fourth of july parade in danville is one of the largest and most popular parades in the bay area. more than 40,000 people are expected to attend today. this is video we are showing you of last year's festivities. the parade goes down hearts avenue in san ramon valley boulevard through the downtown area. keep in mind, a lot of the streets through here will be closed throughout the morning. now a short time ago we talked with the owner of a local bar and restaurant, pete's brass rail and car wash which is right along the parade route. the owner told me there is nothing like the fourth in downtown danville. >> the energy. flat out. it's a small town feel. modern day. so close top san francisco. so close to everyone else.
5:37 am
and yet people come in here and it's a great atmosphere. >> reporter: and there will be lots of other fourth of july fun around the bay area today. in clayton kids are invited to lead the downtown parade that gets under way at 10:00 this morning. redwood city also has a parade that gets started at 10:00 as well. and hercules there is an independence day parade that kicks off at 10:45. if you want to go up to napa and enjoy the festivities up there, there is a fourth of july parade and that starts at 11:00 this morning. here until danville the parade starts at 9:00 but people will begin coming back to claim their chairs here along the parade route very early this morning. again the parade starlets at 9:00. it will last 2.5 hours. live in danville alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. >> yeah they may be sipping coffee to stay awake. and our web team has put together a list of all the fourth of july celebrations in the bay area. you can find it at in
5:38 am
the hot topic section. a few hours into the july fourth holiday and we've already seen a fire works related fire in the bay area. oakland firefighters tweeted this photo of a fire on havens court. it actually began last night around 10:15. the caption reads fire works are dangerous. in a matter of minutes the crew extinguished flames on top of a palm tree before the fire spread. >> and let the community know we are out there and we are taking a serious approach to the fire works. >> at a fire prevention town hall forum last night, the oakland chief announced her department is sending out patrols. they will work with police to crack down on illegal fire works. the extra presence serves two purposes. a quicker response to fires and deterrent to people who are thinking about setting off fire works. two other east bay cities are pittsburgh and bay point. in a span of six hours, the contra costa county fire
5:39 am
district dealt with 28 fire work related fires. officials say they didn't have enough resources to respond to all of them. forcing homeowners to put out the fires by themselves. >> in all hours of the night. it does concern me. >> what are your concerns when you hear things going on? >> that my house will burn because it's so dry. >> pittsburgh will hold a legal professional fire works show tonight at waterfront park. the city hopes it will cut down on the number of people that set off their own fire works. >> it is 5:39. hundreds of people living in a remote area of napa and lake county spent their first night back home since a wild fire broke out on tuesday. cal fire says all evacuation orders in the butts canyon area has been lifted. some people left with just their pets and little else. right now the fire has burned 4300 acres and 45% contained. >> we brought in 30 extra hand
5:40 am
crews. just due to the steep terrain and the accessibility. that is what we needed to do to be able to extinguish and contain this fire. >> two firefighters suffered heat exhaustion but they will be okay. investigators believe a landscaping crew cutting grass may have sparked the fire. they beyond any reasonable doubt about smoke permeating the grapes but it's too early to tell. an 11-year-old boy from antioch is recovering after being shot in the chest. according to police. bulldog: ah, the dog days of summer!
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thousands of people in north carolina are waking up in the dark after hurricane arthur passed through and came ashore with 100 miles an hour winds. and while damage is not as bad as once feared, arthur is
5:44 am
causing power outages and flooding. and north carolina's national guard is sending units throughout the state this morning to pinpoint the damage. arthur is currently offshore heading up the east coast toward new york and new england. reporter tory dunnan is joining us live from kill devil hills, north carolina where she saw firsthand the force of arthur. good morning tory. >> reporter: good morning there tori and brian. over night it was pounding this area. we were out in it for a little bit. what i can tell you right now obviously there is a lot of wind, a lot of blowing sand and the surf here behind me. this is really rough surf and has people worried. let's rewind back in time and give you a timeline of what this storm looked like. hurricane arthur roared ashore near cape lookout as a category two storm. >> if you take a look at the traffic lights as well, you can
5:45 am
see them majorly blowing in the wind. we are also feeling the horizontal rain right now. >> reporter: more than a dozen counties are under a state of emergency as thousands are left without power. >> most people who have been concerned have been directly on the coast. now we have concerns about people inland who may be impacted by potential flooding and rivers going over their banks. >> reporter: the governor is urging residents to stay inside until arthur has passed. the storm sent tourists scrambling from beaches on what would have been a busy fourth of july holiday. while many of the locals took it all in stride. >> this is just a little bump in the road when you live here. you just have to be prepared. if it gets to a point where you need to go, you will go. >> reporter: arthur won't stay in north carolina long. it's expected to speed up. dumping rain all the way to
5:46 am
maine today. as far as today goes more than 20,000 people woke up without power so crews will have to deal with that. and then they are also pinpointing wherever the other damage is. the governor is set to hold a news conference in an hours time where we should get more information and any updates on the storm. any sort of damage. any injuries. things like that. >> tory dunnan reporting live for us at kill devil hills, north carolina. thank you. investigators say they believe a propane tank caused a fire and explosion at an oakland apartment building. the powerful blast shook the building at brighton avenue shortly after 8:00 last night. firefighters say five adults and one child living in the apartment building managed to get out safely. but neighbors say it was a terrifying situation. >> the whole house shook on the foundation. it was one hell of a blast. >> there were few parents who had to run out with their babies. no clothes on. we went and brought them blankets. >> reporter: investigators say
5:47 am
the explosion came after the owner of the building turned on a propane heater. they say he was trying to exterminate some termites. there is a new warning for beach goers in santa cruz after a toddler found a hyper determinic needle buried in the sand. 20-month-old fin was building a sand castle when he came across the needle. the boy did not touch it boffin's mother still found the discovery unselling. the group take back santa cruz says more than 5,000 syringes have been found in santa cruz's county in the past 1 months. >> pretty scary there. time is 5:47. if i can clear my throat there.
5:48 am
>> a little early in the morning. >> yeah. sal is not here today. lucky guy as we've been saying all morning long. this is the eastern span of the bay bridge. what can we say? we are looking pretty good. celebrating the red, white, and blue. and we are celebrating green as well. lots of green for the roads this morning. 8-10 minutes to get you across the span. as we go 101 southbound in san francisco, also looking good. and 101 as you approach 280 and 280 northbound is closed as you approach king street there. it will remain closed until monday morning. here is rosemary in for steve. a lot of green on the roadways pap lot of gray -- a lot of gray on the coast. we the clouds hugging the coastline. it will peel away. it will be mostly sunny. we have a weak system that is passing through. that will continue to bring the
5:49 am
on shore breeze for the afternoon today. that will keep temperatures mild to warm. tomorrow a few degrees warmer than today. sunday looks like it will be the hottest day of the weekend. it looks like the warming trend will last through monday. let's take a look at clouds. a few patches over parts of the north bay as well. by 10:00, 11:00 it's pulling back as well. farther shout you go the better chance you will have that clearing. and mostly sunny skies away from the coastline. temperatures for today a lot like yesterday. again i think we will be slightly warmer. i want to roll us into the evening. for most of us view willing be favorable. unless you are right here. the future cast model wants to
5:50 am
bring the back in as early as 8:00 37 we will be tracking that for you throughout the course of the day. the on shore breeze could bring the low clouds in a little earlier than we want. but again we could have that northerly breeze really kick into the afternoon and blow the clouds right out of the way. so don't cancel your plans. 58 degrees in fairfield. upper 50s in antioch. 57 in oakland. low 50s in santa rosa. upper 50s for mountain view. and san jose you are checking in at 59. let's take a tour of the afternoon highs for today. a beautiful day over the north bay. 84 for novato. upper 50s in sausalito. 72 for alameda. upper 80s and low 90s for the warmer spots inland. low 80s for san jose today. along the peninsula wide spread low 70s to 80s. the extended forecast here with your bay area weekend always in view, there is the warming
5:51 am
trend. temperatures moving upward saturday, sunday the hottest day. inland cities reaching into the upper 90s nearing 100 on monday and then cooling it back down on tuesday. tori. >> thank you. the latest jobs report says the u.s. is adding jobs at the fastest pace since 2008 and they are not all low level jobs. the average american worker earns $24.45 an hour and 58% of the jobs created so far this year pay more than that. experts say what is surprising is workers are not demanding more money as the labor market improves. wages are up just 2% in the last year keeping pace with inflation. tesla has a new goal. it wants to become a leading employer of u.s. military veterans. 5% of its total work force has served time in the military. tesla says it just makes sense for them to hire vets since
5:52 am
many of them have advanced technical and electrical skills. coming up new details are coming out about a man who's young son died after being left in a hot car. coming up in 25 minutes, what police say he was doing while his son sat in that car and the odd statements he made after officers arrived on scene. >> but first tragedy impacts one of the host cities for the world cup. the construction project that killed two people and sent more than a dozen others to the hospital.
5:53 am
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get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time is 5:54. turning away from the camera right now as joey chess nut is getting ready. he is the favored to win the annual hot dog eating contest. chestnut plans to down 70 hot dogs in ten minutes. two-time hot dog eating champ sonya is the favorite to win the women's competition. and quite a display there as the oakland a's celebrated
5:56 am
the forty of july a day early. the a's beat the blue jays last night. the same two teams play this afternoon at 1:05. >> oakland a's fans may be breathing easier this morning. it looks like the team will be staying at the oakland coliseum at least for the next few years. yesterday city leaders in oakland abruptly dropped their opposition to a inositide yum lease for the athletic. and the decision came hours after a bomb shell. the a's informed city and county leaders that major league baseball commissioner had given the team permission to immediately seek a new home outside of oakland. >> i feel a lot of muscle from major league baseball. because it is them that makes the decision. >> it only guarantees the a's will stay there until 2017.
5:57 am
an overpass bridge under construction in one of the brazilian cities hosting the world cup collapsed. killing two people and injuring 19 others. the bridge collapse crushed a commuter bus, two construction trucks, and a car. it was supposed to have been finished in time for the world cup but in of the infrastructure projects were not completed when the games started. extreme drought and fire works add up to double trouble on this fourth of july holiday. how the dangerous combination has caused trouble in one east bay city. >> also the important warning about chicken as americans prepare for the fourth of july cookout. >> i'm tracking nice weather for your holiday. we have temperatures in the 80s to low 90s for the hottest spots. we do have fog at the coast.
5:58 am
5:59 am
we are live in oakland where police and firefighters will be beefing up patrols for the fourth of july holiday. we will let you know what the fire chief had to say. >> reporter: and some studies
6:00 am
show today is the deadliest day of the year on the roads. the big law enforcement crack down already happening in the bay area. >> and it could effect your fourth of july cookout. the chicken recall linked to a salmonella outbreak that started more than a year ago. and good morning. welcome to ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are live in oakland this morning where police and firefighters are already on high alert watching for illegal fire works. coming up in two minutes ktvu tara moriarty will have more on what the city is urging everyone to do tonight. it is friday, the fourth of july. happy independence day. i'm tori campbell in for pam cook. >> good morning, everybody i'm brian flores. pam, steve, dave, and sal are


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